Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another year has passed

It was my birthday last weekend. I am turning 27.. yet again! A lot has happened to us in the past one year.

Noah has also grown. Time never sits still. He is turning 6 this year and looking forward to it. He is the only one in the family excited to turn a year older. I guess the same for us when we were  kids. Although, I didn't remember having birthday parties when I was a child although I did know that come 6th April, you should expect receiving a nice present from your parents. Plus a nice treat of having family meal outside, which was very rare for us then. We got treated with Pizza Hut, KFC and at that time, these were fancy!! How you treasure those moments.

Now, Noah is asking us to throw a party and he already have a list of friends from school he is inviting. His birthday is not until July! We had a Hot Wheels battle force 5 theme last year. We had fun organising it. For this year? Hmm...  we are not too sure whether to throw any do for him... I am thinking, perhaps it is better we splash the money on a nice birthday present and give some of them to charity. Parties are not cheap but having a party also a good reason for a get together! So we shall see how it goes, cause Noah is still demanding for one.

My birthday! Didn't go as plan. Will get back to that. I got a nice little surprise from Muzzy. A watch that I like which I mentioned to him few years back and he remembers!! Awww... !

Sometimes I don't know why, he kept on wasting his money on me on all these expensive gifts. I wish he just save the money for rainy days but he said it was not a waste, because it was for me. I guess because 'I am worth it!' (while flicking hair l'oreal style *swept of my feet* again). But hei! I shouldn't be complaining! I am very very thankful that I have such wonderful and generous husband.

Like for our 10 years anniversary, he bought me a 0.8 carat diamond solitaire on platinum ring. I will not divulge the cost of it here but enough to say, I should have it insured. Same with the watch by the way. As for me.. I can't help to be the worrier...  whether we will have enough, education fund, insurance, pension blah blah... about not having enough savings for our future. Worry about money is not a great thing. I have gone through that moment in my life where I lost my job with nothing, so that experience makes me more conscious.

But come to think about it, these wonderful things he is buying for me holds their value. Worst come to worst we can always re sell them. Yikes! Hope that day never come but you never know.

Back to my birthday weekend. We were supposed to have a nice treat, at this halal steak place Westfield, Shepherds Bush with Muzzy, Noah and one of our extended family/friends, the Jollys. The Jollys couldn't make it because they had false alarm that they were going into labour.. although two days later there were in labour and a beautiful baby boy was born on 9th April 2014! Congrats guys! Enjoy parenthood!

So we ended being just us three.. Muzzy, Noah and me. We were on the way there and Noah felt sick and vomited in the car. We had to turn back, clean the car and Noah, since the vomit was all over his booster seat, his clothes and the car! We decided to stay in until he felt better. Good call I have to say, because he kept on vomiting about 3 times after that. Poor baby..

So Muz, being his lovely self, went to get a take away from our fav restaurant Ooodle Noodle and we eat our heart content. Alhamdulillah... It was still a memorable night and I got to spend it with my two favourite lovely boys. The weekend was great too.. meeting some friends on Friday night, hung out with my bff Ulazi who came to visit from Malaysia while staying in Central london where everything was nearby!!

Yup.. I have not written for so long and as I said, a lot has happened to us in the past one year. I guess there will be separate entries for the others. This blog needs reviving anyway, since we have not been contributing for ages. Hopefully more to come. Of course not for you.. you you.. one reader out there.. but more for to document certain milestones in our lives. This is .. at the end of the day... the story of us.

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