Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It is not about winning, it is about participation

People always say, Allah will not task upon you a test that He thinks you wouldn't able to cope. It is up to you to find the strength within you to rise to this challenge. 

I am going forward with the tribunal against my past employer. I am still sad that things had to end up this way. I had a good 10 years, discounting the last 3 months I was there. However, I need to do this for myself, not to win, but to see whether I have it in me to fight for myself. 

Like somebody said about the team GB or you can even say the same to the Malaysian olympian athletes... 'it is not about the winning, it is the participation'. As long as you know and clear that you have tried the best that you can. 

This is so unlike 'the Secret'.. you have to believe that you will win. What can I say, as much as I want to be all believing and confident... I am a realist. I believe what they have done to me was wrong and deceitful but it will be tough to prove it in court. I have no black and white on the last conversation I had with my ex CEO when he told me that the KL management called the shots. I don't have in black and white of what my direct superior told me that he had tried as much as he could for me to have my job, but everything that he did seem to hit a brick wall. (Then again on a hindsight, I doubt he did anything to help because he is now going against me on the witness stand and denying all those things he has said to me). Perhaps, he he just want to look good in front of the management because he did say, that he would like to keep his job very much and from what he was seeing, being in that company, you will lose your job if you go against the EVP or some Datuk/Dato'. 

I suspect he was referring that statement to me. According to the CEO, my resignation has backfired to him and management actually didn't like it. (Of course he denied saying that in the Tribunal response.) However, I have not gone crazy to make up my own stories. I think I still don't know what have I done to the 'Datuk' for him to be pissed at me. I went all the way, asking blessings from management, HR, asking for options and follow the instructions to the T. I did ask him in an email but of course, no replies. 

Oh well... what done is done. Just need to look forward. Counting down for September to go through the trial and here's goes nothing. I believe, no downside, but just upside. If I don't win, I am going away with a once in a lifetime experience. Cheers!

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