Monday, March 12, 2012


Noah asked me this morning whether we are going home. I asked him where is home. He said at school, turn left. He meant the Robinscroft Mews.

He had 2 years of his 3 years life there. So that place is the home that he remembers. I then showed him another picture. I told him, this will be our new home. We shall be at Willow Walk, Orpington.

He then chose his room out of the floor plan and asked whether his toys will be there. Mater? Kapow (lightning McQueen)? I said to him, yes... They all will be there.

We are waiting anxiously for the vendor to complete the necessary documentation so we can move on. More like move into, into our new place where we can call home. This time, no more skimpy and fussy landlords, no more check-out inventories.

We will the proud owners to the home, sharing together with our kind 'investors'! Wish us luck...

Yup... This was taken at Robinscroft Mews. See the packing in action!! 

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