Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Je Taime , Paris

We needed a break so we decided to visit our dear friends at Paris. Anis, Ariff and Alis were such s superb hosts showing us around. This trip has made me fell in love with the city.
I thought of listing the things that I like about Paris and below are about 10 of them, which are not in any particular order.

1) The walk along the River Seine after seeing the historic building of Notre Dame.
2) The feeling of humming the theme from la vie en rose out loud while walking along the street of Paris
3) Parisian chic wannabes including moi... Merci beaucoup!
4) The cafe's culture and how's the chairs are lined up facing the street. Parisian loves people watching!
5) Rustic and majestic look of Eiffel tower looking down at the city
6) French language... Even the announcement on Metro trains sounds good.
7) The romantic feel of Paris.. Makes you want to snog in the middle of the street.
8) The shopping spree (liking then... Not after you receive credit card bills though..)
9) The automated portable toilets randomly situated by the streets. It was very clean and high tech. Even better if you know french in order understand the instructions when using it.
10) The food! glorious food! Pastries, baguettes, macaroons, chocolatiers particularly Angelina hot chocs and etc.

Last but not least (yeah.. not exactly 10 lah), the hope and excitement to visit the city again...
This time will spend more time on museums and arts!

Any dislikes? Not gonna dwell on things that i dont like. All positives nowadays! Thats my current mantra... Cest la vie!

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