Friday, August 26, 2011

Azerbajaini gastro experience

We sampled a new taste of food for iftar last night. The Azerbaijan cuisine courtesy of our kind hostess Gular at her beautiful flat with gorgeous view.

The food had influences of Persian, Turkish and Russian but the Azerbaijanis made it their own. My favourite was kalam dolmasi which is the cabbage dolmar. Mince lamb meat, cooked with a bit of rice and spices and wrapped with cabbage leaves. There was also the dolmar wine/grape leaves, also with mince meat filling. The grape leaves gave it a slight herbal tangy taste. The other delicious dish was lamb chops cooked with potatoes. Absolutely delicious. i totally approved!

Apparently, this is a typical food for Azerbaijanis which mainly consists of meat, vege and more meat. It is no wonder the girls are hawt because they are constantly on Atkins diet!

We were absolutely stuffed though I was still wishing we could have some more. The hostess packed some leftovers of cabbage dolmar for our sahur. I was a one happy bunny. Though with a full stomach, i was thinking about the taste of those succulent meat and soft tender cabbage leaves all the way back from her house.

Till sahur comes i shall wait..but guess what? I woke up this morning and looked at the clock. It was 7am! I missed sahur completely.

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