Thursday, July 7, 2011

Its Noah's 3rd Bday...

Tokwan sent a beautiful, special E-card to Noah. I love it so much! Tried to put up on FB but has restriction on copyright bla bla.. But I still want to show case this to the world, (by world mean yeah.. all three of you!) So here it is, a special birthday wish on the virtual world from Noah's Tokwan, Tokmak and Paksu.

p/s: Isn't Noah's Tokwan the coolest ever? Even I do not think I will be able to produce that. Not to mention Muzzy... :)


  1. Wishing sweet Noah a very Happy Birthday. THe cake looks delicious.

  2. homaigod.. this is so cool :) love it. saper yang buat ni? best bangat :)