Sunday, March 6, 2011

Many happy returns and fresh starts

Back on my bike... after a 3-month break due to severe weather condition (freezing/snowing, basically winter!). My main excuse was that I didn't have the right set of tyres to cycle in the icy conditions. Moreover, it certainly wasn't good for my body to be cycling in the subzero temperatures anyway! Hehehe, nama pun alasan...

Back to the textbooks... I'm determined to take three exam papers this May. Haven't started at all but I will soon! Hehehe

Back to basic... shipping basic that is! I have to prepare a ppt presentation for a senior member of my company on "introduction to shipping / the company". It is more a favour to a friend rather than my own, day-to-day work. I haven't started, although the deadline is tomorrow (yikes, what was I thinking volunteering for this?) Have to crank it up now... Luckily I have drafted the storyboard before the weekend started...

Back to Alp d Huez... err... next week insyaAllah. Last time we were there, it was about 10 years ago, and not surprising it was the only time we went skiing. Really looking forward to the much needed holiday... We have even booked a place for Noah in the ski school for toddlers for the entire week we will be there - so his parents can concentrate on their own ski lessons (we definitely need them!).

Some new stuff too...

New place... moved to a new venue for my weekly badminton session that is. The BBC (breakfast & badminton club :) ) decided to move to a much better sports centre, now at Little Venice. Two main advantages here - no more 7am session (now 8am, yeay!) and we got the entire sports hall to ourselves! Boleh main sampai kaki cramped (like yesterday hehehe).

New friends... in the form of Shamsul and his family. They have been living here for ages, one of those families yang kita boleh panggil orang kampung (Croydon!). They visited our humble abode for tea yesterday, and Eju actually served tea and scones! Hahaha... Nasib baik she served roti canai and curry too, for that one particular orang kampung (Pontian!) hehehe...

New experience... watched a live NBA game at the O2, New Jersey Nets vs Toronto Raptors. Not really a fan but since I got a free ticket (dalam corporate box pulak tu), I figured why not! The game was more interesting towards the end (err, with the exception of the half time show :) ), when the scores were tied three times, so three overtimes! Habis jugak la suara... Final result, the Nets won by a point (like that has any significance to me anyway...). Nevertheless, a good night out.

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