Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The juggling of a sick child and work

Noah has not been feeling rather poorly in these past few weeks. After one thing to another...

Three weeks ago, he scared his parents by waking up in a morning and unable to walk. He complained and whimpered whenever he put pressure on his right leg. We rushed him to Accident and Emergency at St. Mary Hospital that morning so both of us had to take leave from work. Whilst we were waiting to see the doctor, Noah, miraculously started to run all over the places. He was overwhelmed and motivated by the heaps of toys available at the children clinic's waiting area. Me and Muz looked at each other, relieved but at the same time puzzled at just what had happened.

A week after that fateful morning, I received a call from nursery saying Noah had a little accident. He fell on his head whilst playing football. They called the ambulance. Again, Noah was at the A&E, but this time at Lewisham University Hosp. The minute I received the phonecall, I was up from my bed (I was down with a flu at that time so I was at home) and found myself walking towards the nursery while talking to Muz on my mobile. I followed Noah on the ambulance without my wallet/id. Noah was ok. Infact, he was excited that he was able to be on the a 'ne no'. Kept pointing at the ambulance and said... Mama, mama... yook (look) ne no... then making the so called siren sound... ne no ne no ne no!

By the way, he got a small cut at the back of his head and doctor put some sort of glue to close the wound. This was on Wednesday...

On the next Monday, he woke up and complained about his left leg. Just like the right leg before, he was limping and could not put pressure on his left leg. It is a busy day for Muz so I had to take some time off work and bring Noah to A&E, yet again. At the same time, he had runny nose and eyes infection. He was x-rayed but Doctor could not pin point to anything so... she asked us to bring him home and monitor him for the next few days. She suspected that this could also due to the runny nose and eyes infection. He was better, infact started jumping that evening itself. So again, we had to juggle work to be at home with him and monitor him in the next few days.

It is a nightmare when your child is sick and both of you are working in this country. The nursery do not accept sick children. So when Noah is sick, we have no choice but to take time off from work and take turns to look after him. I am beginning to consider taking a nanny but live in nanny is very expensive. Well.. no wonder a lot of mothers over here decided not to work when they start a family. It is cheaper than having to find full time nanny to look after your infant. It helps as well that they will receive allowances on their kids and for themselves from the government. Although, this new government is slowly taking all that away. Oh well.. that is a different story.

In the past few weeks, Muz and I had been missing work a few times to look after Noah. Although, I always try to catch up by working from home, but it is not something that is common at my workplace. Most of the people there are mostly single, or married without children. So, I do feel kind of odd one out, if I kept on having to work from home.

This is what I miss most about Malaysia. The support system that we have. I am sure Noah's Atuks wouldn't mind looking after him when he is feeling a bit poorly. Furthermore, you are much at peace at work because you know your kids are with people that you trust and who loves them very much.

Looking forward to that once we are back at home. In the meantime, these are the peril that you have to face in return of other rewards.

My parents are coming to visit their grandkids soon. Alhamdullillah...

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