Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mini me! Mini me!

A dream finally came true! Proud owner of a MINI.  Ok.. though I said I prefer red but that was before I saw this one.

The silvery/champagne like colour caught my eye. It stood out amongst others. At that exact moment, when I saw the gorgeousness, I could hear Noah's voice in the background, somewhat blur saying... car! car! Daddy, yook (look) car! In my head, I said... Shhh... yes baby, mama knows.. it is beautiful! *sob* misty eyed..

After looking even more closely, inside and out! Yes! Yes! I decided to adopt it. Without any hesitation. I will call this baby... MINI me!

Errr... I found out later Noah was actually pointing at a Z4 Beemer then, NOT at my MINI. We went to the MINI Park Lane showroom where it shares the carpark with BMW. The showrooms just next door to each other being under one group and all. OMG, Noah has an expensive taste!

Anyway, I am pleased to introduce, the new addition to the family... MINI me!

Hmm... Such a beauty! I know I know... This cutie looks good on me!

Me own MINI Cooper S. It is a pre-loved machine but the condition is still very good. That is a beauty of buying from a MINI dealer themselves under the Approved Used scheme. One hell satisfied customer! (Dang! Can't stop beaming...!)

It took a week for them to sort out the paperwork for the car. One agonising week. A few nights that week that I had a dream about it.

Then came Friday, which was the day, where I hit the road in a sizzling hot wheel. MINI me...

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