Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Noah latest antics

This entry has been in my draft since july. I just updated it and published it a month late... Well beter late than never...

This is our 3rd New Year with Noah. yes, he is going to be 3 soon... well, in July. How time flies! He beginning to talk now.. We beginning to realise that his brain is absorbing information like a sponge. Without warning, he spurting words that we don't even realised he knows. He repeats most of the words that we say so you know that it is time to cut down on that swearing.

Noah knows how to count from zero to twenty, but skipping seven and seventeen. He has a thing with the number 7. Refused to acknowledge it and he usually goes straight to 8. That poor kid conscious on the way he said 7, so he refused to utter it at all. Yes, my son is quite a proud little guy. I found out that he knows to count by suprise. This was about 3 months back, when he counted the steps as we climbing up to my room. At that time, he did say 7 but I accidently laughed at how cute he had said it. I think its because of that,he has skipped it and refused to say it since then.

His new found antic in spitting when he is angry. This is fairly new thing that he has picked up. if he doesnt get what he wants or when we say no, he will start spitting at us. Tui! tui!

Fast forward 2 months after in Aug..

Noah now already 3 and he is in this critical time of his life.. learning to use potty.

He was so good in the beginning and now...he just a bit distracted.
Once, he just sat with his wet pants for a good half an hour because he was too occupied with ipad.

The other day, it was whilst playing wii that he sat with his pants wet and it was on the same sofa. He even pooed on nursery pillow once. I think they may have thrown the pillow away. Too much mess to clean up. Hehe..

It doesn't help when we always go out during weekends so he always wears his nappies. So we really need to get him started again on serious training.
Insyaallah... He will able to go through this phase of his life. Everybody has to go through this.. Even me.. So we need to remind ourselves to be more patient and persistent.

The kid getting smarter each day. Amazing to see his development of learning so many things in a short time. It is true that they say, human learning curve is at the highest at toddler stage.

Good luck Noah in your future journey. Momma and daddy will support you in which ever way that we can. Semoga membesar menjadi anak yang soleh dan beriman. Amin..

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