Sunday, May 2, 2010

The road trip of the year..

Finally! The urge to update the blog is here. A lot has happened since the last time we updated.

My in-laws came to visit. They are still here but leaving for Malaysia next week. Already!?? Before we even realised it, it has already been over a month. Noah has grown accustomed of having his atuk and nenek around, where almost every bit of his whims and fancies are met. I suspect he will miss them terribly once they leave. It will be like weaning off his nyot nyot all over again...While amongst other things, Noah's momma and daddy will miss having atuk and nenek's extra pairs of eyes on Noah!

We took a week off and went on a road trip to bring them around and spend some quality time together. First to Dublin and around Dublin County. Realised that things are so damn expensive there. Almost all of the things are double the price as compared to UK. I think, this is because, the Euro has strengthened almost double compared to pounds since it first introduced. Can see why the European loves to shop in UK. We just went around sight seeing at Ireland's coast line and small villages. The highlights of the trip were to be able to see my cousin Man the night we arrived, had fresh local oysters the next day and the ferry rides from Hollyhead, Wales to Dublin and back. Not much to see in Dublin really... Plus, it was very expensive!

Then, off to Stoke-on Trent! Another must go place for Malaysian who comes to UK. A hometown of Wedgewood and Royal Doulton. I have been there when I first arrived in UK last year and bought a set of china. However, I still could not help but to 'invest' on more china sets. Why not since you already there, right? Amazingly, we managed to squeeze all of these shopping into our car. Muz's mother got some bargain on 1 pound plates. She took almost all of such plates on display. Definitely a steal!

Next destination on the trip was the City of Bath. A very unique and beautiful City. I love it! Since it thrives on tourism, the city is also quite expensive. Almost all of the 'interesting sights' are with charges including the parks and gardens. The charges are not cheap. Muz parents do not believe in paying so much to see these places so we ended walking around the town appreciating the sceneries. Can't help to thank the Mayor of London for the free entries of museums and parks in london! Despite all that, Bath is still the place to go. The town started as spa resort by the Romans where temples and bath area were built around the hotsprings. The town had then stayed to be a popular and fashionable place for leisure visits amongst the royalties and aristocrats. Now in the modern world, it has recognised as a World Heritage Site (like Greenwich) and remain popular amongst the Britons and tourists who come UK. It is located in a valley surrounded with beautiful hillside and a river called Avon, runs through the centre of the town. The view is just breathtaking! One of Wikie's description of the town is 'the streets are steep and so the buildings appeared to be climbing'. We stayed two nights there but our hotel is bit of a drive from the town. Muz and I both agreed that it is worth coming again for a weekend and this time we shall stay in the town centre.

Finally, to end a week long road trip is a trip to Stonehenge. Can't believe that big boulders arranged on top of another in a circle formation could formed an amazing sight. Nobody knows why exactly it was built. Based on the formation on how the effect of the shadow from the sun, they suspect it has something to do with astronomy. Based on the history of civilisation, the historian believes it was built for the paganism practises in worshipping the sun and lunar and human sacrifices. Based on myths and legends, the existence is magical since Merlin has charmed the stones all the way from Ireland. Some extreme thinks Aliens had their hands on them. Since it is dated all the way back from 3000 BC, the experience of seeing it is awe-inspiring! Just imagine how it was like then, the intensive labour being put into building it using only ancient medieval tools! That is why, towering big rocks in the middle of field could look very majestic to me.

That ended our trip. Could not help arriving home feeling glad and relieved. Though we had seen a lot, had a lot of fun, it is still not easy to have a road trip when you have a demanding two year old with you. Good thing that we had extra hands of Noah's atuk and neneks to keep him distracted and entertained.

Pictures to be posted later. (Just so I would have more posts to make up for the lost time...Shhh!)

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