Thursday, May 27, 2010

Noah swam at Greenwich Park.

We brought Noah on a bike ride to the park on that Sunday evening. He had fun with the swings, slides and running around the field. After spending half an hour at the playground of Greenwich Park, it was time to leave. As usual, Noah being Noah would run around expecting mama and daddy to work a bit running after him. He didn't give up easily, I tell ya! I let Muz did the catching while I waited by the bikes. Next thing I know, Muz came back with Noah in his hand, wet from head to toe.

He jumped into a pond next to the playground. Luckily Muz managed to pull him out of the water. To be fair to Noah, it was not without warning, Noah did stopped at the edge of the pond, pointing at it and said "Air! Air!". Then, he looked at Muz and simply stepped into the water casually.

I guess then he realized that he forgot his floating device! It was not all that great like the heated swimming pool mama always brought you to right, sayang? Good thing that he knew how to float a little bit so it was easy for Muz to grab him.

It was nearly eight so the sun is setting and it was a bit windy. Muz had to sacrifice his t shirt for our little cheekie chimp! He cycled around town showing off his beautifool bodeh!

The ground zero! Smelly and dirty pond.

On the way home, I smelt something foul and thought I stepped on a dog's poo but it was actually coming from Noah clothes that was strapped at the back of my bicycle. I scrubbed Noah clean once we arrived home.

We did asked Noah to seat on his naughty chair for two mins so he can reflect on what he has done. I was telling the story to my colleagues and somebody mentioned, maybe Muz the one who supposed to be on the naughty chair.. Hmm!

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