Monday, May 3, 2010

more pictures...

Kildare Village

A chic outlet in Ireland similar to Bicester Village in UK. However, the trip was very disappointing since not many worth buying because they were very expensive. Bicester is a hell lot better!

Ferry Ride

Nothing much to do except to wait and take pictures to pass the time. It is about 2 hours ride from Dublin to Hollyhead.

Fresh Oysters at Ivan's Oyster Bar, Howth, Dublin.

The Oysters were so fresh and delicious. We came across the restaurant by mistake because Mak and I needed a loo. I tried the yummy oysters and had a craving for them the next day so Muz decided to bring us there again. We sampled the farmed and the 'wild' ones. Verdict? the wild ones were more delicious. Natural is always better I suppose... As you can see, Abah is a big fan too... 

Hard Rock Dublin

A must place to visit for souvenirs!

Pandang kanan.. pandang kiri sebelum melintas.. bagus!

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