Sunday, March 21, 2010

Two sets of hawt wheelies!

Cube Hooper 2010

Looks good eh! Somebody will get that soon! 

We went bike shopping today. Muzzy wants to start cycling to work so we enrol to Cycle to Work Scheme. The scheme lets your purchase of bicycle to be taxed free and taxed deductible and... on monthly instalment for a year! The overall discount came to be 49% from the original price. It is just so amazing so we max-ed up our allocation for this 'for him' bike.

As 'for her' bike, I just went for a modest option...

Globe Vienna 1 2010

Nothing fancy on the specs, unlike 'for him' bike just now. It just looks very pretty and fits my simple needs. Good for in town cycling, to the train station and leisure ride on weekends. 

Since the 'for him' bike has max-ed up his allocation, we piled up all the accessories e.g. helmets, locks, lights and child seat (for little Noah up until he is 22 kg!) under my allocation. Same discount and perks applied on accessories. Isn't that just amazing. I am so excited and still can't believe how great the scheme is! 

Cara hidup sihat coming up! 

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