Sunday, March 21, 2010

I heart weekends!

Weekends are the best! Every Saturday now I have been bringing Noah for a swim. The first time, that was 3 Saturdays ago, he was a bit nervous. Clinging on to me. I brought him to adult pool so his feet never touched the floor, an alien experience for him and he didn't like it at all. So all the time, he made sure his feet were safely planted on me. I was his sense of security. Not always my son was that attached to me nowdays.

However, that was only for the first 20 minutes! Then after, he was already flapping his feet in the water and swimming forward without my help.

Getting ready to swim

Yesterday, he did not want me to direct him at all. He swam refusing me holding him and went whenever he felt like it. A parent brought a ball at the pool yesterday to play with his son. My son got excited when he saw it. He swam towards the person went to ask for it and said Nak? Nak?! To a Caucasian man. While pointing at the ball. Malu lah mama! He was nice enough and let Noah played with him and his son for a bit.

He swims with floats now. Will be enrolling him to a proper class which starts on 5th April. The class is open from babies age 4 months! No idea how these kids will be taught since they don't really understand directions. Oh well.. We shall see.

After swimming, we had a lovely brunch at a nice restaurant in town introduced by Linda. Nice family friendly French restaurant. The place looks very deceiving from outside but as you entered, the decor, the space and the jazz music gave you a nice relaxing ambience. The waiters were friendly and understanding of Noah ran around in the restaurant. The food was good too. This can be a routine for our Sats.

Noah scoffing his food down
at Bar de Musee

Spring is officially here. Sunday is the day to catch up on errands or just a day to laze around. Walking in the park is always in the plan but yet to be done, since the weather were quite shite for the past few weekends. Today is a maybe because it is simply a gorgeous day outside. The sun is shining and we have a lovely huge park very very near our home. About half km away. The World Heritage Greenwich Park. It's about time we pay a visit there. A chance for Noah to run around... And we scurried awkwardly chasing after him!

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