Wednesday, February 24, 2010

An entry for the sake of an entry..

It has been awhile since we updated our blog. Not much to update? Loads! But just plain lazy... Cannot be helped..

Noah is growing and getting smarter each day. Sometimes testing our patience as parents of his overtly stubborness and grumpiness! I supposed this is what "terrible twos" are all about though he is not quite two yet. We will just have to wait and see what other tricks he will learn when he is turning two.

His vocabulary is expanding each day but still can't express his "wants" with words. If he wants anything, he would take our hand, asking us to follow him and he would point to the thing that he wants. Say if he wants to go out, he will point at the door and bring his shoes to us and say... Nih..! That means... Mama I want to go out now!!

This little guy has a huge temper. Tak padan dengan the size! If he doesn't get what he wants, he will scream his lungs out. Good thing that the neighbours are an understanding lot!

That little boy Noah is also liking attention and always seeking for one. I guess it is normal for kids this age. Many adults that I know still love and crave for attention so... even more so for a toddler like Noah. Poor little guy.. mama and daddy have to leave him at home for work everyday, so no wonder he demands for constant attention whenever we are around.

Having said all that, he is still our little angel! Sometimes marah marah jugak but can't help but feel kesian especially when he is giving us that sad puppy eyed look! That look works everytime cause he always end up with a big kiss and hug from his mama and daddy!

He is truly a bless! Though as I am writing this entry, Noah is shouting from inside of his cot refusing to go to sleep. Mama is turning a deaf ear... Good night darling! I love you!

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