Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our new home in Greenwich

We have now moved into our new home. Moving is tiring. Always make you wonder how and why do you have so much stuff. The simple rule is do not hoard! But... you just do not have the heart to throw your things out.

The old books, old clothes during skinny era, plates and cups from our wedding gifts, pots and pans that we have accumulated and not to mention, cables and wires, which kind of get on my nerves! We seem to have so much of them! From current and old phones, computers, tv and stereos!

You are torn between wanting to throw, no no.. recycle or keeping them, just in case you need them, or for the case of clothing, in case you lose the extra
pounds. Then you go for years not using them. Need to be strong but somehow, it is kind of hard to do!

My sister helped to clear some of our stuff! We found a few items which are great for Christmas gifts... Still spanking new and in it's packaging. She and Adam helped with our moving which we are so so so thankful! Only Allah can repay your kindness. Love you all!

Anyway, love the new house. We have our own conservatory and much bigger main bedroom. I am loving our wardrobe.

Spacious, its almost a 'walk in'! Almost... But loving it still!

Storage storage storage.. to put my handbags and all!

Noah even has a nice little corner for his cot!

The house is 3 storeys mews... With three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms located at the second level. Ground is the living, kitchen and conservatory.

Have to place our old sofa at the conservatory since the house came with it's sofa set.

We even have a small yard in the back. Great for BBQs in summer!

They are certain things that we need to do for this house:

1) buy full- length mirror! Urgent! It came without mirror.. Help!
2) set up utilities and broadband! Takes ages over here!! Have to face British private sector inefficiency.. Again!
3) our old bed could not fit through the winding stairs. Have to carry it through the windows. Later.. Not urgent! Or should we recycle??! As I said... Later!
4) get some heaters for the conservatory! Freezing during winter! Our dining table is there.. Can't even bear to think to eat there!
5) storages for Noah ever piling up toys and rack for our books. Also not urgent.. Next month's pay..
6) coat hangers at the landing. Our jackets currently everywhere...

There! Moving is tiring and costly! Hope we will make this place our home for few years at least.

We are now living in a quirky town named Greenwich. Where she used to be a thriving and important port in her previous lifetime.

Though missing being at Westminster, with the 'W' postcode, and the 'W' Factor, but I am sure we will grow absolutely and irrevocably fond of this area.
(macam Bella rasa ngan Edward... )

InsyaAllah and Alhamdullillah...

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