Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rambling in one cold evening

The forecast says it will snow tonight. In some parts of UK that is. London will also see some snow, but maybe tomorrow or the next day. The sky looks grey and the clouds look really heavy and dense. We could see a white Christmas the forecast said.

The cold weather was a bit sudden, it was very mild last week. We even had a nice sunny day when we were in Wales last Thursday. It is now -1 degrees outside and I am now snuggled warmly under the duvet waiting for Noah to fall asleep. Got to be careful or I will be joining Noah in a dreamland. Happened so many times before. Mommy snores away whilst Noah still jumping up and down in his cot.

Been a bit lazy to update the blog lately. Let Muzzy has his airtime. I am now in a phase. Phase of Twilight obsession. Just saw the movie 2 weeks ago and I quickly downloaded the books. Read all 4 books within two weeks. My ebook reader was broken at Barcelona (yes, was there briefly for meetings!) and I ended buying all the books. Stupid Sony... Why do you have to make your goods so fragile! I will need to pay 175 quid to fix it. Better off buying a new one. This time, I will get it insured.

Anyway, back to twilight. I am in nobody's team. Not Jacob nor Edward. Just happy that the series had a happy ending. My kind of story. I forced Muzzy to watch the movie with me (again for me!) last night. Like most other straight men, he didn't see what's the hype is all about! Like most other teenage girls, I wonder whether my man would love me like Edward loves Bella. Muz said "yes sayang.. I love you like Edward loves Bella..." Yeay! I got my own Edward here. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that Muzzy only said yes to shut me up. Who cares.. Let a girl has her moment!

We are finalising our tenancy agreement for our new home. If everything goes well, we will be moving in on 1st Jan 2010. Good way to start the new year... Breaking our backs on heavy lifting!

Another good news, if everything goes well Muzzy will start a new job in Jan. Alhamdullillah. Will update once things are more firm.

Noah is fast asleep now. I am going to join Muz on the couch. Maybe convince him to watch New Moon with me tonight.

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