Friday, November 27, 2009

Ticking the right boxes

I wanted to write this entry ealier, from the seconds we finished our exams on Wednesday. Yelah, excited since I had just stroke off one of my *sighs*... But at that moment, I just couldn't think of anything, let alone write something... I then realised that my brain needed to recuperate from the intensive up/downloading of information, one of many side effects of last minute studying. (Hahaha!) On top of that, I just couldn't stop myself from straightening up the house first, clearing the mess from days of neglect...

I'm pretty sure we'll repeat the whole routine again next time! :)

Another *sigh* stroke off - we've decided to move house by the end of the year! We figured, of course with the help of Kak Tita, that we don't really need to spend money on all the cleaning and moving, we can do it ourselves! How hard can that be? Plus, it could be an opportunity for us to minimise our belongings, to get rid of stuff that we don't really need or want. Hey, it's killing two birds with one stone: saving money AND getting better organised!

A more fortunate news, we found a house that ticks all the 'what we want from our new home' boxes! First of all, the rent is much cheaper than what we are paying now, even if we include the higher council taxes into the equation. Secondly, the house itself is nothing short of perfect for us: a gated, good sized landed property with 3 beds and 2 bathrooms, a small paved back garden, parking spaces and dig this, it even has a cosy conservatory at the back! Best tak? Hehehe... Locationwise, Greenwich may not be as 'nice' as Maida Vale (even the name!), but who cares? More importantly, there is a couple of nurseries for Noah near the place we are settling, GPs are a few steps away and the Greenwich Park is just a stone throw away. In terms of commuting to work, it is still very convinient for us - Eju can take the Overground from Greenwich straight to Charing Cross, where her office is (it's cheaper too!) and, if I get a job in Canary Wharf, I can just cycle to work. How's that for saving both the earth and money? Hahaha...

Talking about work, I heard a 'khabar angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa' that AET is considering me for a new position in its office in London. Nothing's official and I still have to go for the interview, but I'm positive... I really hope I get this one, insyaAllah. It'll be a HUGE tick to the list... Pray for me guys!

Btw, yesterday was thanksgiving day in the US. No reason, no significance.

Today is Eiduladha. Nothing special is happening for us today, only more people (4 groups today!) are coming over to view this house. But if I'm not mistaken, we'll have a full day tomorrow visiting friends literally at all four corners of London! That'll be interesting...

Last but not least, my thoughts to all my family members in Mecca performing the Haj, especially Abah as tomorrow is his birthday. Happy birthday Abah and Eid Mubarak everyone!

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