Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Brunch Munch

I woke up feeling like wanting to do something special today with the family. We decided to have brunch at Cafe Rouge near Warwick Avenue. It is very near our place at Maida Vale but we never been there. So we better go now before we move home this end of the year.

Maida Vale will be missed. But what to do? My employer is cutting down our housing allowance, hence cutting down some aspects of quality in life. I think they expect us to stay at council housing (which we are not entitled anyway...) then they feel they are being fair. Sounds bitter? You damn right I am! I feel that my rights are being violated!

Any hoo.... Back to cafe rouge..

As the name suggests, the Restaurant's setting is ala Parisian chic, the dish titles are in Francais but with Anglais descriptions.

We ordered a baskets of French patisseries for Noah and he loves them.

What's left is just the basket for him to occupy himself whilst daddy and mommy enjoy their coffees.

Cappucino. A dose of caffeine to kickstart the morning!

No sayang... Not old enough for caffeine. Do not want to stunt your growth. You will grow up to be a 6 footer!

Muz ordered smoke salmon croque with gruyere cheese. Very delicious indeed!

Crepe with tomato, mushroom and fried egg for myself.

Noah's verdict, daddy's choice is better!

Mommy's one is healthier but not when you chomped them down with pain au chocolat and buttered croissant!

After exam start working out again. Yes... we are seating for a CIMA paper this Wednesday. Wish us luck!

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