Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Double celebrations

Last weekend was a special one. One is turning 6, another is turning 35 25. We celebrated double birthdays of two very special ladies in my life.

One of them is the person that I always able to count on, my loyal confidante, my advisor, my supporter, my sparring partner, my fair assessor, my GIRL FRIEND!!, my strong advocator, my role model, my gossip buddies, my partner in crime... who is happened to be my only sister.

I remember when I was small, you were so garang but I still follow you around because in my eyes... you are so terror and so clever. A lot that I wanted to learn from my big sister so it didn't matter to me whether I was being pushed around. Hahah...

It is undeniable that you have a garang persona, but it is also indisputable that you have the kindest heart. We are proud of what you have accomplished and what you have become!

And.. you are also a wonderful and proud mother of another girl we were celebrating on that day, my darling niece Rahil.

Rahil darling, you are 6! It has been a great 6 delightful years knowing you and I am sure you will bring more joy and delight for years to come (even during your teen years...i hope!)

Mama Eju, Ayah Muz and Noah love you so much. It is amazing that you are so young yet you never fail to make us feel very proud of all the achievements thus far. You can be sure that you can always count us to be the loudest who will cheer for you... especially Mama Eju... your uber chic and fabulous aunt! Wink! Wink!

A smart and intelligent girl you are and I see a lot of the strengths of your mother in you.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please raise your glasses. Here are to my two special girls. Hope you will have more great years ahead of you and may all of your wishes come true... I wish you well now and thereafter....

More pictures of the momentous occasion...

Kenapa macam Imaan punye cake dulu?? It is the family's favourite cake - Concerto from Maison Blanc...

This cake has became another family's favourite cake - again from Maison Blanc... It is very delicious! The light spongy texture makes you feel less guilty to indulge.

Crazy pose!! Imaan mana? Taking the picture ke?

Noah and his beloved kakak Rahil.

He enjoys the cake very much. Yeah... it shows.

Imaan just woke up from afternoon nap, straight to devouring the cake. His eyes are barely open...


  1. I know why i am so garang now. My gut is overpopulated with candida albican. Especially during full moon (betul! i am not gila yet).. So must detoxify!!!! And now even more teruk.. with the electro smog and geomatic stress and all.

  2. Muahaha... Sometimes I wonder why my sis kinda weird, no wonder.. must be the candida-alba-dancing-queen. Nevertheless, love you too.