Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Noah got excited with the mechnical truck..actually it is a fork lifter. We took this at Bridgend Designer Outlet where we had a break from driving home from Milford Haven, Wales. We had a nice black tie function to commemorate the company's regas asset there.

Noah is too excited until he didn't realised and refused to acknowledge the seat is for sitting. But in the middle of it all, he still stopped to admire the carousel ride.

This is one of those simple moments that makes you appreciate life.

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  1. wow... great posts by both of you...
    I have just read them all... awesome.. must ask Kem to read as well.....

    Espeacially the CIMA preparation part.. cross our fingers and hope all of us make it... Amin

    Take a great care of each other there... we miss you guys so much...