Monday, October 26, 2009

Last weekend

Yet another eventful weekend had past...

Well, more like an eventful Saturday. Adam, Kak Tita and the kids came down to London on Friday night and spent the weekend with us. They were here for the Scotson Technique Massage Therapy session on Saturday afternoon in West Sussex, which was about 1 1/2 hours drive from our place. Anyway, it was great to have them around, especially so for Noah as he could play with his beloved cousins Kakak Rahil and Abang Imaan. I guess it was a pleasant change for him from the same everyday faces of his Mama and Daddy!

On a different note, I've added another activity to my weekly routine - playing badminton on Saturday mornings with a bunch of guys I hardly knew. I didn't know any of them (at all!) before my first session last week. Eju met some of them during the CIMB Buka Puasa do last Ramadhan and decided to register my name into this badminton club (Seymour BC is a small recreational club, of which members consist of mainly Malaysian and Bruneian). I supposed she felt that i was in a dire need of some real physical activity, perhaps gauging from the increasing size of my waist (apparently playing Wii does neither qualify as a REAL physical activity nor help reducing waist size, at least not by the way I play lah kot!). Hahaha... Err... but the best part of this activity is actually the nasi lemak and teh tarik breakfast at Malaysia Hall after the game! Hehehe... tak membantu betul!

Ok, moving on...

That Saturday afternoon, we went to presumably our last Eid open house, since the month of Syawal had already passed. The event, hosted by Petgas for its stakeholders, was held in a small yet cosy tent near the pavillion in Hyde Park, set on a very beautiful autumn day, albeit a little wet from the light on-off rain throughout the day. The food catered by Delima was just OK, but I can't say a lot about it because I didn't eat that much (yup, that was very unusual of me...). There were satay, rendang and other Hari Raya's usual suspects, and a chocolate fountain! The fountain was a nice touch, it made the do not your typical Eid open house... (No wonder lah the children were extra active - they were high on sugar!)

All the kids had loads of fun playing in the playground next to the tent, Noah and Rahil included. Noah was extra energetic (despite no chocolate fountain for him) and very excited about the whole outing thing, which meant extra work for me! Rahil pulak managed to make some new friends while on the playground. Kids, so easy to get along with each other...

Btw, last Sunday marked the beginning of the Daylight Saving Time i.e. people in the UK (not sure about other countries la pulak...) wound their clocks/watches back by an hour (for additional sleep time!). So, as a result, the time difference between KL and London is now 8 hours. Please take note peeps! :P

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