Monday, October 12, 2009

It is never enough...

Why is it that it is never enough no matter how much you are earning...?
If somebody told me a year ago that you will still feel the pinch eventhough you would be earning 4 times more that your salary then, I would say... hahah.. yeah right! Unfortunately, this is exactly the case. What's worse... I used to be able to save but now I just can't!
I saw at the back of a bus this morning, 'it is not how much you earn, it is how much you save...' just not helping to my nerves right now!
What is wrong with me?? In the past few months, I have to pay higher council tax, higher car insurance and of course - much higher childcare. We want Noah to get the best early education as much as he can and it seems that it has created a huge dent in our pockets.
Nope it is not the handbags. Momma has stopped buying handbags months ago... Honest!
Have to evaluate our spending and see areas to prioritise. Pastu, have to learn to bersabar (patience) dan bersyukur (thankful)... which I always find it hard to do especially on the patience part... It is in my nature to PANIC!!
We definitely have to find cheaper place to rent. Bye bye to the convenience of being only 20 minutes away from work!

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