Thursday, September 17, 2009

An old kind friend & the good old Noah..

Our dear old friend paid us a visit. Ezanee was here for work and he extended his stay for extra one night and stayed at our place. It was a short and sweet visit. It is unfortunate that he has to leave the next morning. He was kind enough to get Noah a present being a teddy bear with MAS pilot suit which he bought on the plane on his way in. It was so nice of him. I think these small gestures that make a friendship last. It doesn't have to take much actually.
Apparently, he has been trying to get the bear for his nephew but never in stock. Noah is lucky this time. If only E knows that Noah is now chewing on the teddy's ear. Gosh Noah...!

We have invited a few friends over for buka puasa that night E staying in. As usual, Noah thrives with all the attention of so many people. Showing off his new antics, or calling out on other to carry him or have a bite of what that person is eating. Noah loves to eat right now, but not so much of his food. He wants to eat what the adults are eating.

Breaking fast is an affair that he wants to get truly involve, which also can be a menace sometimes. He would go to his daddy or mama, tug on our sleeves and look up to us pointing to a glass of juice or try to reach our plates and merengek. He would stop bugging us for awhile only after we pop something in his mouth, or let him drink of our glasses. Then he would smile happily and turn his attention to toys or telly. He will come back again after he finishes the food in his mouth. His persistent pestering will only stop when daddy and mama finish eating and leave the table.

So sometimes, we let him join us. We put him on the high chair, and put food on his plastic plate and let him eat on his own. He will be eating for awhile, then boredom creeping in. He then start playing with his food ... and the mess he leaves behind!!

I still remember when he was a just baby when he sleeps when we were breaking fast. Or happy with just our maid carry and keep him occupied. This was last year's ramadan when he was just 3 months then. How time flies...

We have started to put Noah in a nursery and send him to a child minder. We want him to learn how to socialise with other kids and to play in group. The child minder said that he is very smart and extremely curious baby. He showed his skills off to her on how to operate the tv remote and mobile phones. When he wants something, he would point to that thing. The child minder said that she needs to keep up with him because he is very energetic and likes to explore every crook and corners. She would bring him to drop in centres where he meets other kids and do some interesting children activities. She said Noah needs to learn how to share. He is used to be playing alone at home with his toys. Sharing is caring darling!!

We are sending Noah for two days to a child minder and one day in a week to a nursery. Though the cost is eating us alive, but I think, it will be good for him to explore new things, learning to interact with others and to build his self confidence. It will be worth it! Insyaallah..

Noah is growing up to be such a delightful toddler. Handful sometimes...which has tested his parents' patience once in while, but nonetheless entertaining.

We are grateful and feel truly blessed. Alhamdullillah...

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