Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Syawal in perantauan.

The 1st Syawal was spent in Coventry with my Sis and her family. Though we were away from home, I am thankful that the Syawal was spent with people that I love and filled with joy and laughter. It is Muz and my first Syawal spent in UK as a family. We got the away-from-home-blues and excited at the same time.

Our raya started on Friday night where we spent almost the whole night up peeling and slicing shallots - the main ingredient of the uber nyummy Rendang Padang. With grogginess from the lack of sleep and irritated eyes from the dreadful onions, we then off to Coventry the next day. The cooking continued as soon as we arrived there.

Rendang Padang is very troublesome. Not only you have to slice the shallots, but the same is done to the garlic and ginger. A kilo of beef requires a kilo of shallots and quarter kilo of garlic and ginger. We cooked about 3 kilos of beef so you can imagine the work on peeling and slicing those damn onions! Not only the shallots and garlic, the meat has to be boiled and then, pound them one by one to flatten and soften the texture. On top of all that, the cumbersome preparation of cili boh. The cooking and putting the ingredients together is a carefully orchestrated effort to make this delicious dish to eat with your ketupat.

The slices of beef after being pounded.. great for arm workout!

Rendang Padang.. the mixing of chilli and meat...

The subsitute of Tuk Sidah's ketupat palas... pulut pun jadi lah...

Glad to say that our Rendang Padang turned out to be a successful attempt. Well, it better be so after all the hardwork of an almost one day one night kind of preparation. It was so good until we are reluctant to serve to anybody and only want to keep them for ourselves. Hahaha... kedekut and greedy! With the rate that it is going, I suspect it will last only for a few days. May have to make some more next weekend.

The fruit of our labour of love... in food...

We finished cooking at 2 am. It was tiring but kinda fun. To add into the Raya feeling, the Raya songs were in the background all the time.... with a bit of Lady Gaga in between. Don't ask me why.. just felt like Lady Gaga to psych us up.

In short, the first raya was spent eating and meeting people (what else??). First, we started on bingeing our laboured meals... then we left my sis place (with very full tummies...!!) to visit some friends, to eat some more. Altogether, we managed to go to 3 houses in Coventry. So like any other raya, it was spent visiting people and eat, only this time in a nice and cooling weather. We didn't need to wear jackets on our baju kurung but at the same time, it is not hot and humid like in Malaysia which would wet your armpits. The weather was beautiful and perfect in Coventry.

We left London on the same day. Muz and I managed to squeeze in another open house in London before hitting the sack.

The second day is a bit boring. It is like any other Monday but with me not working. In Malaysia, 2nd day would still fill with events, but over here... people have started to go to work and so no such thing as open houses. So nothing much to do and we decided to start on our puasa enam, also to make up after yesterday's bingeing.

Well, that is the summary of our 1st Syawal. I have a feeling the rest Syawal will be a good one as we already have a few open house invitations lining up for the coming weekends. Looks like have to work harder to lose this stubborn extra kilos. Even after a month of Puasa, the fat didn't seem to budge. Boring betul! Blah!

Here are some pictures of 1st Syawal. Noah looks so cute in his linen baju Melayu courtesy of Tuk Mak.

Noah getting ready for his 2nd 1st Syawal...

My favourite boys.. looking good in baju melayu!

Eating, munching... chomp! chomp! Chomp!

Selamat Hari Raya everybody... (me missing because taking photo!!)

Selamat Hari Raya from all of us here... Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


  1. The Rendang Padang is all gone and Ez is now thinking of cooking more.

  2. Yeah... over here too! Been eating it every single day! Haha!