Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our little boy turning 1!

Noah my angel.. almost a year ago...

Noah is turning 1!! Errr... in two days time that is. However, we managed to have an early celebration for our little one. Thank you great friends for coming. Thank you so much for the nice presents. It was nothing big, just an intimate family and close friends affair.

We wanted to do a picnic at a park near our place since our humble abode might not be able to hold up the crowd... albeit not a big one. But the weather was teasing us all the way... on the 11am, it rained a bit, then sun came out. At 12, we were about to pack up then, the dark cloud was looming above us hinting rain...but the rain never came. So we decided play-by-ear, to eat at home and perhaps, go to the park later to enjoy the dessert.

Noah was happy with the attention he is getting. Everybody was amazed how good he is now at walking. The kids were having much fun with balloons (courtesy of BMW Sauber Paddock Club.. hehe..) and Noah's toys. But the space in the living hall is quite limited. So after eating the main course which were very delicious (thanks to Cik Yam!), we decided to head to the park.

The cake was 'presented'at the park. It was courtesy of Uncle Ras. It was baked by his friend Ludo, a French Chef. Noah's 1st cake is a freshly made marble cake, amazingly decorated with fresh fruits and it is served with Chocolate Orange Blossom Sauce. Simply delicious! We had the birthday must, i.e. the candle blowing and singing to our Noah! We also sang to Uncle Ras since his birthday was two days ago!

Our contribution were beautiful Lola Cup Cakes that we got from Raoul. We arranged them into the No 1. Oh well... so we tried. We realised that the same cup cakes cost much less than buying them at Harrods.. but still much much more expensive that the cup cakes you can get back home!! It cost about RM10 each if we convert them! There... just an irrelevant information for you...

Anyway, the day ended with all of us feeling satiated with food and tad guilty of over eating! But most importantly, happy and thankful that we have such great companies to celebrate this momentous event with us. Our little boy turning 1! Again, thank you for each of you who came, for the Noah's presents and the Chefs who gave us delicious food... Love you all!!

Do you see what I am trying to do with the cup cakes?

Baby Khyra... The name like Noah's little sister, Jada Kyra..

Noah learning to play together

The magnificent OTT cake! Mind the spelling... Perhaps, French way of spelling?

Proud parents!

Group Photo!!

Masam ke sayang??

Run run...

My cutie..

He is feeling free.... getting ready to fly..

His little pressie...

But.. prefer the box better.. Eeek!

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