Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silverstone this weekend!

I am swarmed at work at the moment. Our facility is commissioning soon and so many commercial deals need to be sealed.

This weekend is Silverstone weekend! I have to be there on Saturday and Sunday. I was excited at first by the thought of it because I love Grand Prix. The noise of the F1 cars, the crowd cheering and people with funny hats. It is just like a festival! I used to try my might to get hold of free tickets when I was in Malaysia. I even volunteered to help out, with no cost, so I can be part of it. That was then, before I had Noah. Now the idea of not seeing him this weekend kind of dampen my excitement.

Just putting a positive mindset. Never been to Silverstone circuit so that can be a good thing. Muzzy is coming with me on Saturday so it can be our fun day out. Furthermore, we will be at the paddock area so might be able to check out the drivers! Hehe..

Ok.. Noah, you just have to see Mama at night. Mama has to work. We will back to tuck you in bed.


  1. Hi, I told Muz as well. Could you please send me some exclusive pics if you have some, to post in my Auto blog. Due credit will be given ;-)