Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Noah is walking!

Yup.. Not so latest news but promised self to blog about this so here it goes...

Noah is so cute! He is trying so hard to walk right now. It all started about a month ago, just a few days before his Tok Mak gone back to Malaysia. He was 10 months then and I have to say that I am proud and thankful to see him able to reach this development milestone.

He started with one or two small steps. But in the past 2 weeks, he has been bolder and bolder in trying to walk. He will try to practise whenever he has the chance. First he will be on his knees, he now knows how to stand without help, and stay standing for awhile before starting to take few steps. He usually managed to take 5-6 steps before he falls back on his knees. Then, he will quickly stand up and try again. Usually after a few steps, he begin to get excited and start to throw his hands up in the air which makes him lose his balance and fall again, on his knees. This will go on a few times until he gives up and opt for a faster way, crawling.

Just a random observation. Yesterday, I was dancing.. Ok..more like hopping and do silly moves with the music playing on the tv in the background, just to attract Noah's attention. Of course, he began to imitate and tried to dance along. My little angel stood up on his two feet, and tried to shake his body and wave his hands and balance at the same time but only to fall 3 seconds later. Of course he tried again and after a few attempts, he just decided to hop and wave his hands on his two knees! Much easier to balance. How cute is that!

Dang! If only I had my video cam on!

I love to see him him trying! The determination look set on his cute little face. The raw joy when he thinks he has achieved something. The cheekiness when he is up to something naughty and waiting for his momma and daddy's reaction. Oh.. He is such a joy. Makes me feel truly blessed able to experience these moments. The moments of parenthood! Will not trade them for anything. Thank you God. I am truly thankful. Alhamdullillah..

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