Saturday, June 20, 2009

A night to celebrate..

Just had a celebration on a deal... My first deal in my current job. A first deal in my career even. This deal is apparently a first of its kind in the industry in this region. I am glad that I played a big part of it. Seeing it through from just boney structure to a complete body.

Times like this makes me feel that I love my job. The satisfaction you get of seeing your sweat and pain blossoms into something grand.. And of course bringing some grands into the company..

But this is just the beginning. Contract is signed but has not operationalise yet. So the value anticipated is yet in our hands. I am hoping for the best. I got good feeling about this. Since this is a pretty unique deal, it seems that we are charting a new path for the industry. Feeling quite proud for myself, not too bad for a first deal yeah?

The other good thing is, we are fast becoming good friends with our counterparty. They were easy to deal with and we had a very open and honest negotiation. We put things that matters on the table and we managed to formulate a win win deal. Just hope that it works when it is commercialised. Hoping for the best, but if it doesn't work, (touchwood!) at least we had a wonderful celebration dinner to remember it by.... And maybe a bad performance rating next year... Eek!

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