Monday, June 1, 2009

Last weekend..

After sending Mak and Qasim at the airport on Friday (we are missing Tok Mak, Qasim and Tok Wan so much!). Our home was yet again graced by another wonderful guest, our old friend Nikkie. Work brought her here from Monday until Friday but she stayed on another night to shop at London... and to see us, of course... Oh well, at least I would like to think so!

It was her first time seeing Noah and she was excited to see how chubby Noah's cheeks are. Yup.. that boy is so tembam right now... I also geram nak gigit gigit!

Tembam tak? Noah at Bicester...

Noah loves Auntie Nikkie, always flashed that dazzling smile of his. Even let Auntie Nikkie, hold him once in a while... more like a few seconds before he tries to jump back to his daddy's arms! Oh well... that is an achievement, because usually it would be an outright refusal.

We brought Nikkie to Bicester Village on Saturday for her to shop (like crazy!!) but we had to rush back when the clock striked 4pm since she is catching a flight home that evening. We sent her off at the airport. Auntie Nikkie gave Noah 50 quid before she left. So nice of her. Thanks Auntie for your generosity. It will be added into Noah's education fund. Mama wants to send him to UK to study medicine.

On Sunday, we went to visit our dear old friends, Elyna and Afdzal and their cute 2 year old, Nina. The weather was gorgeous and Elyna arranged an Al Fresco lunch at their own backyard. Their house is in a quaint English country side, so beautiful and immaculate. It is amazing how they can keep the house so nice and tidy with a two year old. Oh well... thats Elyna for you.. She is like Monica but a nicer & polite version!

We were also treated with a high tea.. English style, with proper tea set and all. Yummy cakes were prettily arranged in a multi tiers trays and sandwiches on a platter. Again, that's Elyna for you... always a perfect host!

It was great to catch up with old friends. We wouldn't imagine, during our student days, that we can still meet after all these years in a different phase of our lives. All of us are married now with our kids playing together...err..more like 'berebut' toys from each other! I am so glad we had a chance to meet up. Afdzal said that, since me and Muz have moved to UK, the less likely they will go back to Malaysia. We are now waiting for Acat and his wife to move here, then the gang is almost complete!! Teringat masa Acat and Afdzal strumming guitars singing Awie's songs masa muda muda dulu... Hmm... notice or not Muzzy is not in the picture... that's because his talent is elsewhere. Do not ask me what eh...

Si comel Nina

Noah climbing out to join Nina

Al fresco dining..

Noah joining the lunch



  1. I miss u guys... hmmm muz ..put on weight or just a reflection?? take care guys... hug and kisses for cute Noah

  2. reflection lah... Muz still the handsome one. Hahaha...