Saturday, May 23, 2009

Theatre crazy

We are queing to grab half price tickets for Spring Awakening. Apparently, this production is huge in Broadway. This is a second show we are catching in this week alone. The previous show was Wicked and it was wicked! (if you know what I mean!!) We are becoming addicted!

It is a beautiful Saturday morning, the sun is out.. But the que is damn long, see picture. Not that I mind since it is a gorgeous day to be out!

This is a normal sight every morning at Leicester square. The theatre enthusiasts would start queing early in the morning. This booth is an official booth of The Society of London Theatre so it does give us a peace of mind that we are getting the best deal when getting any theatre tickets.

Yeay.. We got the tickets at good seats in stall area for the matinée show. Feeling like a true Londoner (my a*s!!) I looked at Muzzy excitedly and suggested to do this every weekend. But Muzzy gave me that 'don't be ridiculous look'.

Ok.. Ok.. Once a month then..

Will provide update on the show later..

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