Monday, May 18, 2009

Seeing places through my eyes

It has been a great month. We had visitors one after another. I took leave from work to spend more time with our friends and family.

My parents arrived on the 25th of April and my dad left last Sat since he started working on Monday. My mom and brother are still around which is very reassuring.

We went to Rome for holiday and had a great time. It is definitely a different experience as compared to the time when I went to Rome during the student days. More 'fund' to play with! We can pay ourselves into the Museums, Colloseum, take the tours without having to worry so much about the costs. Whenever we were tired, we just stopped at the nearest cafe enjoying the Cappucinos, Gelatos and indulged in local Italian culinary experience. It is a far cry as a student where we just see things from the outside, go to tourists area mostly on foot and local metro and eat Mcd for all our meals in attempt to save costs. Sometimes we didn't know what we are looking at except if its written in the guidebook or free tourist maps or brochures that we got our hands on from the tourists information office. Which we fondly called it the 'i' toncet! There were no live commentaries, no live tour guides unlike this trip. Aaa.. Earning in pounds also helps tremendously.. Alhamdullillah!

Sure it is more comfortable, more things to do and see when you have more money to spend. But I will never trade the experience I got when we went inter railling with anything! Except if somebody wants to give me 1 Billion dollars... Muahahaha! (Ala.. Dr Evil)

I have to say, without a doubt it was the greatest adventure in my life. I had an unexplainable sense of achievement and fulfillment when I went on that journey. So many things that we saw and learned all crammed in 3 weeks. From the new places that we see, the journey from one point to the other, human behaviour from my travelling friends and of course also from my loved one (now my husband..) and to end it all, lost your travel documents in a foreign land. I am not afraid to say that I came back a different person. Plus, I got to show it all off in my slideshows on our wedding day! Haha...

Anyway, the last trip to Rome inspired me to plan more holidays around this region, whilst I am still seconded here. This is the time right? Anyway, some pics from the latest excursion...

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