Friday, May 15, 2009

I am fit to work?

I just recovered from fever and still recovering from bad case of sore throat, runny nose and coughing. Today is my first day at work after 3 days of downtime. I hate staying at home because it makes me feel useless and guilty of being paid for doing nothing. I woke up this morning feeling not too bad and thought I can survive the day at work including the 1 mile walk in a breezy, rainy cold spring morning to work.

My tube ride was ok. I managed to control the sniffles and coughing. I did cough once or twice but I made sure I covered my mouth with a tissue. Yet, I can still sense that uncomfortable look given by the passenger opposite me and a careful, trying not too be obvious passenger sitting next to me putting her hand to cover her mouth and nose. Aahh.. With the news of swine flu plastered all over the paper, I do not really blame them.

I arrived at the destination station and legged that 1 mile. I arrived at the office with the urge to cough so bad and blow my nose. I did exactly that. Then my boss came to me and said, nothing much to do here Eju. So I think you better off at home.

My boss just sent me home to rest. (and not want to risk me spreading this germ to eveybody at office). Ahh.. Thank you so much boss. I love my boss.


  1. Get well soon!!
    myself pun baru recover.. luckily i was back in the homeland.
    and the good people in HR asked me to take influeza vaccination before I leave for good ol' Yangon.

  2. Thanks Mynn. Good that you have recovered. All of things have happened in our old working place right? hehe.. missing all the juicy goss!