Thursday, May 14, 2009

Enough lah...

We get it and we had enough. We are not making assumptions but based on what was beautifully written, it was loud and clear. Will not try to make you understand because I think there is no point to it. People will justify their own doing. You think you are right... Fine.. You have the right to do what you like and say what you like.

Do not have to think about how you treat others or what you say to others as long as your conscience is clear. Good! Be that way.

Everybody else should be more like you. Give it straight and there is no need of sugar coating things. Or think before speaking your mind off which might offend others. Some people tak cakap because they are just not the type but doesn't mean dia tak terasa. But of course, you are always right, who cares about what other people think because they are just making assumptions and the most important thing is your conscience is clear.

Senang... Let's just end it here... Dah malas. Sakit hati bila baca. Should not have said anything.. Makan hati lagi bagus... Tak payah nak deal with this awkwardness... Dah memang you ajelah yang betul dan terror! You menang.. You menang... Because you are right! You are great!

Orang lain yang terasa, I pulak yang sibuk! Malas dah.. Really... Malas!! Banyak lagi benda nak pikir!

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