Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you for the lovely flowers..

I came back today and saw yet another lovely suprise. A bunch of beautiful flowers sitting on my dining table. They smell heavenly.

The card says "Happy birthday our dearest Eju. We love you so much! From Mark (I think the writer meant to write Mak), Ayah, K'Tia (Kak Tita kan, wrong spelling again..), Adam, Tok Sidah, Qasim, Rahil + Imaan.

Regardless the misspells... I know exactly what it spells L.O.V.E. It is from my dearest family. I feel blessed and the luckiest girl alive. So much love... beautiful flowers! Thanks! Again and again.. you have made my day! Love you all too... to bits!!!

The red ones Tulips right? But Muz said Kak Tita said something else because Tulips not supposed to smell that nice... really ah?


  1. Practically crawled out of bed to the PC for these flowers. Great that you love it Eju! Sorry can't be with u on yur bday. Horrible terrible illness, don't want anyone in the world to feel this way. I am officially 'bertaubat'! he heee

  2. I think the smell is from the hyacinths.