Friday, April 10, 2009

On the way...

It's the start of a long weekend. We decided to head out of London. Just to changebthe scenery, see another parts of England and also to test drive the new car on a motorway.

First, we thought of going to Coventry to see my sister and family, but Rahil and Adam are down with a bad cough. My sister warned us not to come because she doesn't want us to get infected. Miss them
so much but we do not want to risk it. From our brief experience here, itis damn hard to get well here once you re sick. Even my sister's family has been sick for more than 3 weeks. See you lovelies some other time them.

So for today...We decided to go to Portsmouth for a day trip! Take the m4 then cruise along the coast. Yes.. A road trip!!

Dang... We end up stuck in traffic jam instead... Everybody is getting out of London and taking the motorway! Oh well.. Hope it will get better further south!

Just enjoy the brand new ride...

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