Thursday, April 2, 2009

New toy or fitness equipment?

In an attempt to shed unwanted fat, burn off calories, to gain healthier body and most importantly to continue indulging on Cik yam's delicious cooking... guilt free, we bought ourselves Wii console and with Wii fit.

We have been on it everyday since day one. It is quite addictive and you can exercise at a comfort of your home. Yours truly wakes up early in the morning to exercise before getting ready to work. Hope I can get back to my figure 2 years ago... Haha!

I was considering to join the neighbourhood gym which will cost me 49 quid a month with a min 6 months contract. Even then, i do not think I would have time to go everyday because it quite a walk from home. Wii is a lot better then. Plus now both Muzzy and I can exercise.

Tapi tak leh hot hot chicken shit! Have to reach the ideal BMI in a month time!

The photo is Muzzy in action! Following his lady fitness trainer. Nasib baik virtual LADY personal trainer. Another upside on Wii fit compared to the gym!


  1. Wow! Have to make the trip to London as soon as everyone gets better. ;-)