Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday comes early...

Muzzy suprised me with delightful early birthday present. He knows I like reading. Moving to London makes me able to indulge in my love to read again. Somehow, I find that I have more personal time. Tube rides are great to steal a few pages and it sometimes feel to short especially if I am on an exciting chapter.

Because of my love in reading and Muzzy love in me... He gave me an E-book. Preloaded with 100 titles.. Thanks darling. Love it! Like it!


  1. Happy advance birthday Eju dearest. Stumbled into your blog and been reading it since. Love to read your updates from London. Makes me wanna go back there too!!! Take care.

    Just me,
    Farrah Aris

  2. Hi Farrah.. thanks for reading and the birthday wish. Take care...!!