Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amster D D ya!!


It has been awhile since the blog is updated. My experience in this country has turned out to be routine and mundane. So it feels like I have nothing interesting to write about. My creative juice is not stimulated and Muzzy is still not contributing!! Gosh... it is all up to me isn't it?

Latest event! The whole family made a trip to amster d d ya! last weekend. We were there from Sunday to Wednesday.Caught up with my dear friend Noreen. Lovely to catch up. She impressed me with her flair in Dutch language. All I know is danke. The Dutch speaks good English (and german and French etc etc) so we had no problem going around. But I find that to shop there is very expensive. Earning in pounds is no longer an advantage since it has devalued so much against euro. It will be even worse since Gordon Brown is happily printing more money.

Noreen... the Dutch Lady...! Well ...she is earning in Euro.

On the first day, we just spent exploring the city of Amsterdam on foot and on the Canal cruise with Noreen.

Muzzy, Cik yam and Noah did all the tourist thing like bus tours to places of interests. I did only the canal cruise at Amsterdam and the rest of the days stuck at the conference room trying so hard to learn and network with the industry at the same time.

Waa.. so many potteries.. No Noah.. you can't touch that one!

Umi Yam, obviously I can't fit in there...

Now.. where shall we go next?

On the very last day, while passing our time waiting for our flight, we managed to have that unique Amsterdam experience. Not the magic mushroom, hash brownies and all that of stuff, but we walked through the 'red light' district (in broad daylight). It was interesting to see the kind plays and theatres available, it is almost like West End but in a crooked sort of ways. We saw the different types of 'fishes' displayed in the aquarium, in all shapes and sizes... Dancing around in the 'aquarium' attracting the onlookers. We were fascinated but.. afraid to make any eye contact. Sorry no pictures.. to scared. Muz seems to be just looking straight ahead... but I am sure he stole some glances at the corner of his eyes, albeit discreetly. Hahah...!

Look at what the shop is selling... Waaa... so open one. They pay tax too you know...

The infamous Red Light District!!

Now... Enough excitement for trip... lets go home!

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