Friday, February 20, 2009

Zoological Experience

My niece and nephew are on mid-term break so we decided to bring them for a day outing to London Zoo yesterday. The tickets are quite expensive but thank god we didn't have to pay for Noah and Iman since they are under 3 years old. It was good day out especially for the kids. Rahil had her face painted into a PINK rabbit and got herself a PINK dolphine balloon too. It so happened she was wearing all PINK yesterday, so literally from head to toe, she was PINKED!! The mother was an avid fan of PINK when she was her age but she outgrown of it and prefer black now and listen to heavy metal when she was a teenager. Whatever happen to that sweet PINK breaded hair girl!? hahaha... She is hoping Rahil would outgrow her PINK fetish too. As at now... everything in her wardrobe must have PINK! Everything she owns must have PINK. It is kinda cute.. I have to admit!
Iman stays nonchalant most of the time except when he entered the Aquarium. Just like his Ayah Muz, he loves to look into the lighted tank with fishes swimming around in a dark place. The Gorillas swinging behind the glass gave the same effect to him too. I was fixated myself since that was the first time I have seen a Gorilla in real life. I don't remember seeing them in Zoo Negara! Is there one? If there was one, I don't think I have seen them so closed up as this before. Knowing not many of them left in the world gave me quite a sad feeling. They seem to be a very smart creature. They gave something for the zoo goers to get excited for by putting up a show swinging and playing around in their den very near to the viewing glass. People were ooing and ahhhing!
Noah was amazed too.. at least I think so. He was looking so intently at the gorrillas without any single sound coming out from him. I suspect he was kinda amazed and scared at the same time because usually, he will show some reaction and make a lot of noise if he is excited about something. My suspicion grew stronger today since he was sleeping poorly last night. He kept on waking up every hour and cry. Maybe he thinks the big hairy gorrilla is coming to get him. Its ok dear.. I am sure Daddy will come and save the day. But he was still crying even when daddy picked him up. Oh well.. I  think it was just too much excitement for him in a day. Kata orang tua tua, kalau excited sangat nanti mengigau tengah malam. Betul lah tu kot.
Kesian anak mama tak cukup tidur... and he made sure the whole house tak tidur with him! *yawn*...

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  1. haiya.. now everybody knows my deepest darkest (or pinkish)secret.