Friday, February 13, 2009

Settling in

Noah is getting accustomed to his new home. During the first week, he was crying all the time. Even when his Mama Hana came, he was still a very sensitive baby. He will cry over a very small thing like when we lift him up from the floor or take something off his hand. But now, he begining to show his cheerful side. He beginning to sing along with us and the tv and laugh along. I am glad.

The good thing is, he is getting less clingy to his daddy. His daddy is getting quite worn out of having to carry him 24/7. Having said that, he is still his favourite. He doesn't mind if I carry him but when his daddy put out his hands offering to carry him, he will just pushed me away, yes literally push me, my face, my chest and my hands away, and try to jump into his daddy arms. Noah... Noah.. anak mama ni pandai betul!

My good friend Hana (Noah's ibu susu) came by and stayed with us for 4 days early this week. It was great to see her and wished I could spend more time with her. Unfortunatley, I was extremely busy this week, or else I could have taken some time off from work and show her London. Well, she managed to do that without my help.

By the time I finished with work, I got so tired to go out and the cold weather makes it even harder. She is leaving for KL tonight and we will be sending her off to Heathrow. Noah also grow fond of his Mama Hana. Hope she will come here often since her new job covers this part of the region. Will definitely miss her and hope to see her soon. Hopefully next time, Noah will be able to see his kakak Lara too.

Muzzy has become more domesticated. Poor darling... it must be quite a change from the 'corporate' life to a 'homemaker'? Tried to open a bank account for him but the application was rejected. Apparently, his points did not cut out. We just wanted a saving accounts, not a mortgage! Oh well, these people just bunch of 'bankers' after all!! Will have to try with other bank then. The Global Local bank is too good for us.

We are settling down quite well now. Beginning to feel at home.

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