Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rock-a-by Noah...

This blog is fast becoming about baby Noah only...

We are trying to teach Noah how to sleep on his own. Some of my friend's babies can just suck their thumb and fall asleep. While Noah, we need to cuddle and rock him at the same time, while walking around the house and chanting La ila ha illallah in our most soothing and melodious voice so he can fall asleep. And this can take as long as 15 to 30 mins depending on his mood.

I also read in the net that for a baby Noah's age, they suppose to get 14 hours of sleep. At the moment, Noah sleeps at 10pm, wake up at 7am (thats 7 hours), then nap about an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon (thats 2 hours). All together that is about 9 hours sleep. This is not optimum? What will happen then? Will this retard my baby's growth? Hope not.

God knows we tried putting him to bed at 8pm but he always wake up an hour after, crying to be picked up, then he would want to play and then fall asleep again at 10 or 11 pm. Or he will sleep but wake up at 2pm, crying wanting to play until the wee hours. The latter will make the baby and parents very cranky. Baby cranky because the lack of attention, parents cranky because of the lack of sleep. But neither of the occasion he will clock in 14 hours of sleep. Still not the optimum, right?

Anyway, back to trying to teach Noah to fall asleep on his own. Apparently, 'the parenting book' (more like reasearch on net) say that by having him fall asleep on his own, he can wake up in the middle of the night and can still put himself back to sleep when he sees the parents are sleeping and the room is dark. But first we need to teach him to associate his cot and the room with sleeping. Then, have a wind down routine where he can relax and be at peace. Apparently, baby will not sleep if he/she is excited. Well who can? Maybe then, he can clock in the 14 hours of sleep.

We tried the 'cry-out' method during his first week here. That was a big failure! He cried so hard sampai tersedu sedan. The book said that we are suppose to check on him and try to pujuk him every 5 mins, but don't ever lift him out of the cot. This is to let him know, we are not abandoning him. All of us checked on him. Everytime, he got even louder. There was no sign of him slowing down.

Cik Yam (Muz Auntie) was so kesian at him and said 'don't follow the 'book' so much. Bukan betul sangat pun...' She was so tempted to pick him up and pujuk him. But I said, no... let him be. We are trying to teach him to fall asleep on his own. He needs to learn. The motherly and sweet Cik Yam really could not stand it. Keep on repeating kesian dia, kesian dia and gave me this pleading look to let her pick him up. But his mama was adamant to teach him.

After 30 minutes, he was still crying and it got even louder. I checked on him and he was kicking his feet and waving his hands madly. Even when I tried to touch him, he pushed my hand away and shouted even louder. Kena sawan and kena sampuk did came across my thoughts at that time. His adamant mama relented. More like I got scared and lifted him up. He calmed down a little but was still very much crying until his daddy took him. Then he stopped crying but still has his tersedu sedu. Kesian... but this little guy has big temper!! He was showing to us that he was very angry. He didn't even show any sign to give up crying, instead got louder even though it was closed to 30 minutes. Noah won.. big time! That put us off the cry-out method. For awhile...

After two weeks since that fateful night, we think it is high time for us to try and train him again. It is good to have some routine set in his life, so we can also plan our ways and chores around it. Right now, we are not sure when he is sleepy, sometimes he overtires himself and it became harder for him to sleep.

So parents out there. Some tips will be great!


  1. i think axl rose said it best when he said.. just a little patience.. yeaah yeah.. just a little patience.. yeah yeah..

  2. girl, you shouldn't pressure him because psychologically, it will affect him when he grows older. i think based on his background, it is normal for him to feel insecure. just give him the love he needs.

    just fyi, jada slept on her own until she was probably 4 months. after that, she will not sleep unless we carry and soothe her. fyi, she does sometimes wake up around 3-4am but when i pretend to keep sleeping, she could play with her cloth or her blanket and still fell asleep on her own. therefore, the book is so wrong.

    there is no rule of thumb that's exactly what you should do for your baby. you just have to trust your motherly instinct. but, he is just a baby and does not understand much especially when he's apart from you for a month and then forced to adjust to new environment.

    just hold on to him while you still can because that phase doesn't last long.

    cheer up.

  3. Toughcookee... you are absolutely right. I should hold on to him. Soon enough he will be sleeping on his own, all grow up and don't even want me to hold him or kiss him anymore. Yeah.. I will try and sabar. Just that, he still need to sleep more than 9 hours a day. Need to train him to go to bed slightly earlier.

  4. Eju, don't worry la. Noah misses his buai, tok mak, pak su, tok wan etc.. so give him sometime. In terms of development, he is quite fast for a boy. Now dah boleh merangkak. Lots to explore and learn, so pasai tulah dia rasa tidur tu membuang masa baby dia. he he. He is too clever that's why.