Sunday, February 15, 2009

Noah's weekend.

Weekend started with saying goodbye to Mama Hana. We hope to see you soon. Send our love to Papa Nazeem and Kakak Lara.

The next day, on Saturday morning, we all went to Ikea. Since daddy and mama forgot my babybjorn, I had to be strapped at the trolley using mama's scarf. This is to ensure I can sit straight.

Trip to Ikea was fun. I even tried on the fruity hat. Now... now... how do I look?

A different pose this time.

I got back from shopping feeling hungry and cranky. Mama is happily snapping photos of me...

... which makes me become angrier! I got tired and decided to go to bed. But daddy has to rock me to sleep first. Tomorrow is Sunday. We are going to Westfield Shopping Complex. Good night everyone!

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