Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing key features

Iphone is a great phone. I am loving it! But it also has its annoying setbacks!
Iphone is missing a few key features that makes you yearn to go back to your good old reliable Nokia phone. The obvious missing features that I have realised so far are like video recording, zoom in and out when taking photos, unable to forward your text sms and no business card/ v card sending through sms. Why does Apple makes such a great phone with so many other great features but left out the basic features that have been around since the early days of mobile technology? Deliberate sale strategy? Hmmm...
I was told by a friend before that 'if in doubt... google it you moron!!' And google I did! And I found some solutions, but quite a complicated one. Apparently, the capabilities above can be added in the form of third party applications. However, you can not find any of them in Itune which is the default store for Iphone. Trust me, I have searched high and low in the application store of Itune.
The complicated part is you need to install an '' in your Iphone which requires at least an hour of my time to go through step by step of the installation. Yes, I am quite 'duh' in this kind of thing. Apparently, this might make your phone warranty void too, which I don't see the relevant whatsoever. Maybe they are scared that you might accidently bought a virus instead of an application.
Just wish Pinkpacat is here to help me out! Now Eju.. go figure!!


  1. hehe. beb. i told u for business purposes u would be better off sticking with the e71. hehe. post aa balik kat msia. aku pun gatal nak bega iphone plak.

    dapat balik or not to another story la kan.

    but i'm sure one of these days u'll get it to work.

  2. alaa.. dah bagi phone tu kat Muz. Tak leh nak mintak balik.. hehe...

    Tapi best Iphone ni.. just need to spend sometime to bega bega aje. Still has not got the time!!