Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greatest man ever!!

This post is a tribute to the nicest man I have ever known. He is always there for us whether we are in need or when we are oblivious. His presence always grace us. Though not much of how we feel towards each other is spoken verbally, but it is very clearly seen from the gesture, the look, the eyes that we are much loved by him.

His sacrifices are countless. His contribution is priceless. His loyalty is divine. His intelligence marvels us. His kindness humbles us. His love to our mother dignifies us. His love to us has made who we are.. we would like to think that we are his legacies... We hope we have made you proud.. in our own ways.

Happy birthday Ayah. The greatest man I have ever known!! You are my hero... always!

Though this may seem a few days late birthday wish..(I did sms you... did you receive it?). We love you and feel sad that we are not there to celebrate this event with you, but you know that you are always in our mind.

You are the best Ayah or Tok Wan ever!! XOXO!

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