Saturday, February 28, 2009

Alahai.. immune system...

What is wrong with me.. My immune system has gone haywire since I arrived in London. I had a fever.. twice! I seem to have this constant flu and tickly throat coughing and now... behold, I am having conjungtivitis on my left eye.

I have to spend my weekend staying away from Noah. Can't imagine if he caught this. It is tough enough to put the saline solution into his block nose, let alone putting solution in his eye. So.. I am not staying in the same room with him. But poor him, he must be wondering why his mother is not picking him up and kissing him like usual. Several times, he tried to attract my attention by looking at me and throw that dazzling smile of his, but all I can do was baby talked to him, from a distance. He also crawled to my feet and tried to climb onto my legs, but his father quickly picked him up. Poor little guy... strive for attention.

Noah likes to make this face for some reason. We call it busyuk face... as if he smells something bad...
Anyway, I really need to step up my immune system. Can't affort to be calling in sick every month! The another annoying thing about this country is you need to make an appointment, 48 hours before, to see a doctor. Unlike Malaysia, you can see the doctor right away when you need them. Overhere, the first 48 hours is self medicated. They feel that fever or flu can just wait. If there is an emergency such as you are unconscious or bleeding, just call 999.

Even if you see them for fever, cold, or flu, they will not give you any medication except for an advice to drink a lot of fluids and rest. I miss Malaysia where they willl give you antibiotics, cough syrup, clarinese etc etc... and you can recover over one day. Over here, you have to fight it on your own which can take ages. So people will resort to self medication from the off the shelf medicines. But you will never get antibiotics. They are scared that the bug becomes immune of antibiotic and become SUPERBUG!!! jeng jeng jeng...

Immune system, you still has a lot to improve. I should start exercising again... that will help.. hmm..

Here are pictures of Noah the cutie...

I am so happy momma taking my picture!!

Hmm... is that a phone camera. I like that phone.. I want to put it in my mouth!

Look.. I can stand! I can stand!!

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  1. did u put on socks on noahs's hand? it's ok eju, your body is trying to adapt to UK. I was sick all the time during my 1st year. tapi adam, powerrrr, tak pernah sakit. ok sumer, jom jadik vegetarian!